State Budget Showdown

The State has to pass a budget by June 30, 2018.  Top Democrat Legislators and Governor Phil Murphy have been sparring over budget proposals, leaving the ability to pass a budget within the timeframe unlikely.  The Governor believes the legislative body is wearing rose-colored glasses in order to predict unrealistic finances, and wishes the proposal to include a re-instatement of the Millionaire's Tax, instead Senate President Sweeney has proposed the following:    

  • $7,500 cap on sick leave payouts with some new additional restrictions
  • Higher premiums for SHBP & SEHBP
  • "Move from defined benefit pension system to defined contribution," or a 401k
  • Increase normal retirement age in PERS to 67
  • Cap pensions (but not for judges!)

This alternative plan is unacceptable to all public sector employees and we need to let our legislators know.  You can take action and call your local legislator by dialing:  609-400-4763