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 Next time someone tells you that the state would be saving if it shut down the defined benefit program and enrolled new employees in a 401(k) style pension, feel free to cite this article and the three states that tried and failed miserably.  Everyone wants a solution to the problem.  We just want one that works.  See the article link after the jump. Read more >>>

These numbers will really make you feel fortunate to be able to bargain for wages, benefits, etc.  Wages should reflect productivity, end of story.  And the decreasing access to collective bargaining (historically, we are working to right this by organizing!) correlates with the inability of workers to be valued along with their productivity.

 Sue Kelly has received clarification regarding Work Orders at a recent OCBSS Health and Safety Meeting.  Employees can submit work orders.  Read more after the jump for further guidance Read more >>>

 CWA Local 1088 now has a Facebook page at .   Like us on Facebook! We will be posting updates regarding activities and events.  See more after the jump. Read more >>>

"Right to Work" or the "Right to Less"

 It sounds nice, "Right to Work" sounds like a theory of guaranteeing those willing and able to secure employment.  But "Right to Work," in reality, is the inability (of those who wish to) to assemble, organize and bargain for wages, working conditions, and benefits.  This article provides insight in how "Right to Work" laws are adversely affecting those whom they have force over.  For more info:

 A strong, powerful Union isn't just the quantity of members, it is their involvement as well.  CWA offers a multitude of ways to "stand up" and "fight back." If politics, civil rights, workplace issues, or community outreach appeals to you, we offer you a way to be heard. Read more >>>

OCBSS Contract Passes

 OCBSS contract passed last night.  For details on the terms accepted, see the previous post outlining the Memorandum of Agreement,  

CWA biennial convention was held this year, June 8-10 in Detroit, Michigan.  We welcomed new officers as well as changes to the Constitution.  See more after the jump. Read more >>>

 A message from Hetty Rosenstein on the pension issue: Read more >>>

The Supreme Court ruling announced Tuesday is not the end of the line for securinng pension funds.  While CWA seeks to develop a long term strategy through research and explorinng options, we urge you to get involved immediately.  Below is a list of ways you can do so.  Remember Judicial members, you are prohibited by the Code of Conduct from engaging in partisan political activity.  This does not bar you from being fully informed and making informed decisions.  We will do our part to keep you updated.



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 Vote on whether to accept the contract terms based on the 5/28/15 Memorandum of Agreement.  Bargaining Report will be held at 5:15 on Monday, June 15, 2015 at the Freeholder's Conference Room in the Ocean County Administration Building.  Voting will be conducted that night.  Following we will hold a general membership meeting.

Local 1088 Has a New Treasurer!

Welcome aboard to our new Treasurer, Michelle Salecki.  We all look forward to working with you in this new capacity.  

Write your thank you notes today...

Your Involvement Starts Here:

 General Membership meeting this Thursday, May 21st at 5:15.  We will meet at the Union Office in Brick.  A $25 Shoprite giftcard will go to one lucky attendee.  Show solidarity and get involved!

 I just voted and it could not have been easier.  Make sure you have the ballot distributed by your employer, and if voting online, you will need your election code and PIN (found on the ballot.) Otherwise mail it in!  For more information...



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Local 1088 representing at the Pension Rally! Thank you for all who were able to come out and support the effort to fund our pension.  This fight is long from over but the energy and the endurance are there.



The upcoming PERS election is pivotal in determining the outcome of your pension rights!  We refuse to leave you in the dark! Read up and carry an educated vote!


 United We Send a Strong Message!


 Our annual Union Outing-

Saturday, July 25, 2015 7:05 PM

Blue Claws vs. Kannapolis

$10/adult, $7.50./child, Each member is allowed 2 adult/ 2child tickets at discount


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