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 You maybe surprised as to whom a top governmentl official stated will save the middle class from disappearing.... Read more >>>

 There are multiple ways for you to reach out to your legislators and let them know that your livelihood as you retire is important! You worked hard, you paid into this, you are only seeking what was promised to you. Read more >>>

 Gov Christie signed Executive Order 209, effectively breaching Chapter 78.  Statutorily, he does not have the authority to unilaterally implement changes to your health benefits. Read more >>>

 It is that simple.  Your calls to legislators are logged, legislators like to know the issues affecting their constituents and make decisions accordingly.   Read more >>>

ICYMI June 9 Teletown Hall

 If you happened to miss the June 9th Teletown call, you can listen here! We just want you to be informed.

Call Your State Legislators to Save Your Pension

 You can be heard and make the fundig of your pension a priority!  Call Now!

 The Union fights hard to level the playing field between management and the workers, the fight should not stop there. Each employee is due respect, dignity, and fair treatment both from management and from his/her peers.

 Although it seems like the labor movement has been taking hit after hit, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has reacted more strongly to such attacks on labor than ever. In New Jersey, the Public Employee Relations Committee (PERC) is the state’s version of the NLRB and adopts a lot of the same standards put forth by the NLRB, when standards do not yet exist.

June Membership Meeting

 Our next monthly membership meeting will be held Thursday, June 16, 2016 starting 5:15 pm at the Brick office (35 Beaverson Blvd Unit 5B, Brick NJ 08723.)  We will be discussing our onging pension consitutional amendment efforts as well as workplace issues.  Don't worry about dinner because pizza will be served.  Each member who attends has a chance at winning a $25 Shoprite giftcard! Bring a member friend and see you there!

 This is a basic introductory to family leave laws, it is not meant to exhaust all the ins and outs of family leave laws, but to provide basic knowledge of employee's rights regarding family leave. Read more >>>

 Your contributions make a world of a difference.  

May Membership Meeitng: Thursday, May 19 @5:15 PM

 May's membership meeting will be held this Thursday, May 19, 2015 5:15 at the Union Office (35 Beaverson Blvd Unit 5B Brick NJ 08723) Pizza will be served and you are automatically eneterd to win a $25 Shoprite Giftcard.  Come discuss relevant worksite topics as well as Union projects statewide.  Hope to see you there!

 When the skies open up and the world seems to be caving in around you as your once steady form of income becomes not so certain, you can count on the support of your union.  Read more >>>

 CWA Brothers and Sisters out in full support of Verizon workers on strike.   Read more >>>

April Membership Meeting

 We will hold our monthly membership meeting on Thursday, April 21st, 2016 at 5:15.  The meeting will be held at the Union Office (35 Beaverson Blvd Unit 5B, Brick NJ 08723.)  Pizza will be served and we will be raffling off a $25 Shoprite Giftcard!


 The pension system cannot save itself.  Legislators cannot save it themselves.  We need your involvement; whether you are working in hopes of having a pension one day or you are retired and hope to keep that retirement security, you must get involved!  

Only two easy steps required:

1)  Between now and November you can volunteer to do phone banks as well as labor walks.  Just sign up utilizing the link provided

2)  Come November, vote for the constitutional amendment ensuring pension payments be made!

Judicial Members- Polls are Open to Vote on Temporary Dues Increase

 Polls are now open to vote on the temporary dues increase issue.  The dues increase would amount to $0.50/week or $2.00 a month and goes towards the drive to get the constitutional amendment so that our pension system can be solvent and funded. You can vote one of two ways:

To vote by internet (PC or Smart device) this is the web site they need to access (
To vote by phone: Toll Free 1 (800) 514-2629
On both cases their ID # is the last 6 digits of their SSN + 5 first zip code digits.

March Membership Meeting 3/24/16

 By vote at the February membership meeting, the March membership meeting will deviate from the normal third Thursday in the month date.  Since the third Thursday would be St Pattys Day, the membership meeting is moved to March 24, 2016, 5:15 at 35 Beaverson Blvd Unit 5B Brick NJ 08723.  Pizza will be served and everyone is entered to win a Shop-Rite Giftcard.  Hope to see you there!

 In order to fund the campaign to ensure the pension system is viable through a constitutional amendment contractually obligating payments into the system, CWA NJ needs to obtain a loan from a CWA private sector strike fund. To pay back the loan, it is necessary for a temporary $0.50/week increase in dues to be put into place. The increase can only take effect if it is approved by a majority vote.  Judiciary members will be voting first. instructions are to be mailed out, but if you do not receive them, you can call into 1-800-514-2629 provide the last 6 digits of social security followed by five-digit zip code and cast your vote OR vote . Again this only pertains to Judicial employees as the will be voting first and then it will go to County workers.

ICYMI CWA NJ February Teletown Call

 Need the latest on pension updates, ongoing negotiations and worker litigation? Listen here:

The Teletown Call Goes Nationwide

 The ever-popular teletown call has gone nationwide and is taking on hot topics like Main Street vs. Wall Street.  Listen here for the call:

Why NJ isn't going broke over the pension system-

 As much as politicians would like to tell you that your pension is too costly for the state, especially when it comes to deciding a budget, actual facts and statistics point against that proposition.  The fact is NJ ranks 95th in "pension generosity" when compared to 100 top national plans.  So no, your pension will not break the state's bank.  The reality is that you are paying more and receiving less than similarly situated employees nationwide. For more information-

Membership Meeting Monday, February 22, 2016

The membership meeting has been moved from Thursday, February 19 to Monday, February 22,2016.  It will be held at 5:15 in the Mancini Room at the Toms River Ocean County Library.  We are holding the meeting at a more convenient location so our members have better access to information regarding a temporary dues increase.  Judicial workers will be receiving referendums to temporarily increase dues because of the pension fight.  We will provide more infromation and answer any questions you have.  Any questions, the local email is or Mary Tarditi can be reached at

A serious attempt at saving the pension fund and taxpayer $

 A great op-ed on how saving the pension system now is beneficial not only to those investing in an extremely broken system, but also to the taxpayers.  Those against the measure like two pit taxpayers vs. state/county workers when it comes to funding the pension system.  This brings to the light a strategy that is mutually beneficial.

Ring in the New Year with Local 1088, Thursday January 21, 2016

 New Year, New Union.  It can be your Union! Resolve to be heard and get involved this year!  Meet us at the Union Office Thursday, January 21, 2015 at 5:15 in Brick.  Pizza will be served and you are entered to win a $25 Shoprite Giftcard!  

ICYMI CWA Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders

 Communications Workers of America feels the Bern.  Read more.

Give us your opinion.

Pension Constitutional Amendment Passes First Hurdle

 The New Jersey pension system took an initial and significant step towards being adequately funded.  The NJ Senate Judiciary Committee approved a resolution to add the amendment, which heads to the Assembly for a vote.  The amendment would have to clear two full legislature votes in order to reach the ballot in November 2016, at which time the electorate would determine whether the state would be contractually obligated to make full on its long-neglected pension payments.  Read more

Listen to the December Teletown Call

 If you missed the December teletown call which addressed bargaining issues, the pension constitutional amendment and dues.  Here's the link to hear the full call:

 If you find yourself in a Christie town hall wondering what to ask the Gov, here's some questions he should be answering-

Women's income inequality lingers....

 Think income inequality stops once you leave the active workforce and head into retirement? Think again.  Great read on the topic

What is CWA doing to protect your pension??

 Fighting hard!!!

Stay up-to-date and in-the-know!!!!

Be the boss at the next impromptu watercooler talk and have all the details of union issues and goings-on.  Get in on the teletown call

This may surprise you...

You may be surprised when you learn who has filed pro-Union amicus briefs in Friedrichs vs. California Teachers Assoc.  20 states along with the District of Columbia have filed briefs in support of Unions in the landmark case that pits big money corporate interests against the survival of the middle class.  Read it here

[LEGITIMATE] Be one step closer to student loan debt relief

 A very much under-utilized program has been established to lower student loan payments.  Some student loan companies don't want you to know about it, but its legitimate and available to you.  Here's more information in this article


Membership Meeting This Thursday!

We will hold our monthly membership meeting this Thursday, November 19 at 5:15.  The meeting will be held at the Union Office.  Pizza will be served and you are automatically entered to win a $25 Shoprite Giftcard.


Hope to see you there!

Vote Today, Vote Labor Friendly Candidates!

 Just be mindful that those voted to represent us will impact everything from labor friendly laws, to the ability to fund our pensions, to appointments of those who preside over labor disputes.  Your vote matters! Click the link to find out where you can vote.

What's it to you- The Cadillac Tax

 Although 2018 may seem to be in the distant future, the Union needs to start preparing for the ways in which employers will try to pass the "Cadillac Tax" on to the employees.  This is a great read on the tax, its effects, and why it matters to you.

Show some muscle-

If you're a member you are contributing to the strength of your community! Go You! and read this

The Necessity of Unions

 Unions are necessary to sustaining a dwindling middle class, to provide upward income mobility.  Unions are necessary, but even more crucial is a Union with an active membership.  

Take the "might" out and this article has it all right.

 Information on new SHBP options during open enrollment.

Union's Position on Tiered Plans

This article provides the Union's support for two options available to members that allow for lower costs to both the members and public.  Although the options may not be suitable for all members, they do offer an alternative.  For more information:


Stay Informed Sign up for the Teletown Call

Next Call Wednesday, October 21st 

 Hear more about the proposed constitutional amendment to save a very broken pension system.  Get in on the call and be heard as well!

Next General Membership Meeting and Shop Steward Training

 Shop Steward Training this Tuesday, September 29 at 5:15 at Union Office.  All interested members are welcome!! KFC will be served, let your local shop steward know by 12 that day to order enough.  Will end promptly by 6:30.  Hope to see you there!

General Membership Meeting: Thursday, October 15 at 5:15 at Union Office.  Pizza will be served and you are automatically entered to win a $25 Shoprite Giftcard! 

So Many Ways to Get Involved!

 CWA Local 1088 is involved in our community now more than ever.  Just a few activities we are planning: a drive for Cell Phones for Soldiers, S'mores breakfast with Girl Scouts, Labor Walks with Central Labor Council, and many more to come.  Your suggestions and involvement are encouraged!  

We want to know who you would like to see in office, your voice matters! Read more >>>

Pension Issue Appealed to United States Supreme Court

CWA along with other NJ Unions have jointly filed an appeal of the New Jersey Supreme Court decision this past June in which the NJ Supreme Court sided with Governor Christie.  We hope the United States Supreme Court will adopt a ruling that provides relief for this broken system simply by adhering to State and National Constitutions.  For more information

 CWA Local 1088 is collecting used/unwanted cell phones for a good cause!   Read more >>>

CWA Local 1088 Shop Steward Training

Tuesday, September 29th CWA Local 1088 will be conducting shop steward training at the Union Office.  The training will begin at 5:15 and end promplty at 6:30.  KFC will be served.  Learn all the basics and responsibilities of a shop steward.  Even if you are not an offical shop steward, but have an interest in being one, we welcome you to this event!

 When you hear "politics" or anything "political" really, you may think "remote, distant, or disconnected."  CWA's political action fund is in direct contrast with those adjectives.  The funds go directly towards supporting issues and legislators that are building a favorable labor movement and impacting your everyday rights and benefits.  Any increase in the PAF increases the power CWA has to fight battles on your behalf.  For more info- Read more >>>

 Next time someone tells you that the state would be saving if it shut down the defined benefit program and enrolled new employees in a 401(k) style pension, feel free to cite this article and the three states that tried and failed miserably.  Everyone wants a solution to the problem.  We just want one that works.  See the article link after the jump. Read more >>>

These numbers will really make you feel fortunate to be able to bargain for wages, benefits, etc.  Wages should reflect productivity, end of story.  And the decreasing access to collective bargaining (historically, we are working to right this by organizing!) correlates with the inability of workers to be valued along with their productivity.

 Sue Kelly has received clarification regarding Work Orders at a recent OCBSS Health and Safety Meeting.  Employees can submit work orders.  Read more after the jump for further guidance Read more >>>

 CWA Local 1088 now has a Facebook page at .   Like us on Facebook! We will be posting updates regarding activities and events.  See more after the jump. Read more >>>

"Right to Work" or the "Right to Less"

 It sounds nice, "Right to Work" sounds like a theory of guaranteeing those willing and able to secure employment.  But "Right to Work," in reality, is the inability (of those who wish to) to assemble, organize and bargain for wages, working conditions, and benefits.  This article provides insight in how "Right to Work" laws are adversely affecting those whom they have force over.  For more info:

 A strong, powerful Union isn't just the quantity of members, it is their involvement as well.  CWA offers a multitude of ways to "stand up" and "fight back." If politics, civil rights, workplace issues, or community outreach appeals to you, we offer you a way to be heard. Read more >>>

OCBSS Contract Passes

 OCBSS contract passed last night.  For details on the terms accepted, see the previous post outlining the Memorandum of Agreement,  

CWA biennial convention was held this year, June 8-10 in Detroit, Michigan.  We welcomed new officers as well as changes to the Constitution.  See more after the jump. Read more >>>

 A message from Hetty Rosenstein on the pension issue: Read more >>>

The Supreme Court ruling announced Tuesday is not the end of the line for securinng pension funds.  While CWA seeks to develop a long term strategy through research and explorinng options, we urge you to get involved immediately.  Below is a list of ways you can do so.  Remember Judicial members, you are prohibited by the Code of Conduct from engaging in partisan political activity.  This does not bar you from being fully informed and making informed decisions.  We will do our part to keep you updated.



Read more >>>

 Vote on whether to accept the contract terms based on the 5/28/15 Memorandum of Agreement.  Bargaining Report will be held at 5:15 on Monday, June 15, 2015 at the Freeholder's Conference Room in the Ocean County Administration Building.  Voting will be conducted that night.  Following we will hold a general membership meeting.

Local 1088 Has a New Treasurer!

Welcome aboard to our new Treasurer, Michelle Salecki.  We all look forward to working with you in this new capacity.  

Write your thank you notes today...

Your Involvement Starts Here:

 General Membership meeting this Thursday, May 21st at 5:15.  We will meet at the Union Office in Brick.  A $25 Shoprite giftcard will go to one lucky attendee.  Show solidarity and get involved!

 I just voted and it could not have been easier.  Make sure you have the ballot distributed by your employer, and if voting online, you will need your election code and PIN (found on the ballot.) Otherwise mail it in!  For more information...



Read more >>>

Local 1088 representing at the Pension Rally! Thank you for all who were able to come out and support the effort to fund our pension.  This fight is long from over but the energy and the endurance are there.



The upcoming PERS election is pivotal in determining the outcome of your pension rights!  We refuse to leave you in the dark! Read up and carry an educated vote!


 United We Send a Strong Message!


 Our annual Union Outing-

Saturday, July 25, 2015 7:05 PM

Blue Claws vs. Kannapolis

$10/adult, $7.50./child, Each member is allowed 2 adult/ 2child tickets at discount


Read more >>>

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